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DUO Purple/Red (TuffZapper-Coater)

DUO Purple/Red (TuffZapper-Coater)

DUO Purple/Red (TuffZapper-Coater)



Firm Flex combination of our PRO PURPLE All Round brush and RED Mat Zapper.

The perfect choice for mat-prone breeds that will handle the toughest of mats and heaviest coats with ease.

Our most popular brush that regularly saves you up to 50% brushing time!

Common Breed Suggestions

“Doodle & Groodle” breeds
Bearded Collie
Old English Sheepdog
Waterdogs (Portuguese, Spanish)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
David Renfrey
Great product!

Like some other reviewers I have an Australian Cobberdog with a long wavy coat susceptible to mats. However, with the Red/Purple Activet dealing with knots now is easy . Can’t recommend this brush more highly. It’s a must have!

This brush is a game changer

I bought this brush for my 11 month old Australian Cobberdog.

At 10 months of age they shed their puppy coat as their adult coat comes in.

At the end of everyday his ears and front legs would have mats in them. We would spend an hour every night combing them out with a normal slicker brush and comb and only get 1 ear done or 1 foot.

I decided my sanity was worth $100 and I wish I had done it sooner.

Paired with a detangler, I can do his whole body (18kg dog with long fleece coat) in an hour. Mats I would have cut out I can now brush out in 2mins.

Both of us are happier.


Great quality thank you

Best Grooming Brush On The Market !!

Purchased this brush last week and it’s the best brush I’ve ever used!!

I’ve tried many grooming brushes over the years, plus spend thousands on professional groomers then discovered this brush.
OMG WOW!! It’s worth every cent.

It’s quick and easy on my Labrador, she actually lets me brush her now without snapping at the brush & the Labradoodle looks like she’s fluffed up knot free like what professional groomer actually do.

Light weight, easy to clean and made from quality products.

Don’t waste time and $$ on crap products, buy one of these and be amazed.

Thanks for making our pet care easy.

Excellent brush for both types of ACD coat

I have two Australian Cobberdogs, one with a curly coat and one with a fine fleece coat; and this brush works like a dream on both of them.
I've had a lot of trouble finding a brush that works but doesn't cause pain and anguish when using on my fur babies. I first bought the yellow/green brush to use on my two Maltese X's so when that worked well on them I got this one for the ACDs.
Very glad I did and can't recommend highly enough.
My only comment would be that it's a shame they don't come with some kind of "head protector". For me this was a significant investment and I'm concerned that the head will ultimately get damaged in my grooming bag so I currently have a cutout in the bottom of a yoghurt container that I can push the handle through until the head sits inside the pot for protection - not very elegant and takes up quite a bit of room in my bag.