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The Professionals Choice

First introduced in 1998, the Original German-made ActiVet® Brushes captured immediate attention from grooming professionals with their revolutionary flexible “Active-Head”.

This World First flexible head design not only significantly reduced stress and strain on both the groomer and the pet, the unique bristle patterns of the new ActiVet® Brushes produced outstanding grooming results in half the brushing time!

Today, built on its reputation for German-made quality and performance, the ActiVet® Brush System remains the number one choice of Professional Groomers worldwide!


Quality and Innovation

Success always encourages imitation and, as a result of its superior performance, many companies have tried to emulate the “flexible” head design and bristle shape of the ActiVet® Brush.

Typically, however, most of the imitators miss the key point – it’s not JUST the flexible head!

The key feature of the ActiVet “Active-Brush” System lies in the range of unique bristle patterns and designs systematically created to provide the perfect brush for every breed and grooming situation.

Always the innovators, ActiVet® has continually developed their product and the introduction of our DUO line of brushes in 2014 separated ActiVet® even further from the pack by incorporating 2 brush types in the one tool, setting a new standard in terms of time and cost savings.



Sometime after its introduction, ActiVet® entered into a joint marketing agreement with the USA based company Les Poochs.

At this point, Les Poochs had no grooming brushes in their product range and it was agreed that ActiVet would “brand” the ActiVet® brush range as “Les Poochs” to capitalise on the large US market.

In 2013, for various reasons, ActiVet® terminated this relationship and has since only manufactured and marketed the ActiVet® product under its own brand name.

Every Les Poochs brush made prior to 2013 was manufactured by ActiVet® and carries the famous “Made in Germany” stamp of quality.