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 The ActiVet Brush System

The success of the ActiVet Brush is based on the combination of their flexible head and uniquely designed bristle shapes and patterns.

Together, these features do a superior job on the coat, make brushing more comfortable for your pet, reduce stress and strain on your wrist and arms and regularly cut your brushing time in half!

The “ActiVet Brush System” includes a range of designs based around 3 bristle types and 2 levels of flexibility in the brush head to offer an effective solution for all grooming functions and coat types.



Of course, personal preference is important, and most professionals prefer the firmer brush heads to the soft as they allow you to reduce the pressure applied rather than “over working” a softer flex brush.

This approach will produce a better result and reduce stress on you and the pet.

FIRM FLEX - Dense, coarse and wiry coated breeds require the firmer flex brushes to effectively work through the coat.

SOFT FLEX - The more forgiving, soft flex brushes are the perfect choice for puppies and all short-hair and softer coated breeds. Also easier to work on the tighter and more delicate spots (under the legs, behind ears and in sanitary areas) of all breeds. 

For puppies and younger dogs, an early introduction to grooming is the best time investment you will ever make and our soft flex brushes are ideal for all breeds at this early stage.


To assist you in making the correct choice for you, we have included some common “Breed Suggestions” in the product description of each brush.



Essentially, there are 3 grooming functions our brushes are designed to address (Mat Breaking, Undercoating and Finishing).

Mat Breaking

Our MatZapper is the “must have” tool for every Professional Groomer.

Designed for this specific job, it is available only in a Firm flex option, with strong pins set at varying angles to effectively penetrate and separate the toughest of mats and tangles with minimal coat loss.

This design is so effective it will cut your de-matting time in half and even allow you to work through some heavily matted coats you may otherwise have had to shave down.


Our CoatGrabber styles feature pins with a longer shank to penetrate through to the undercoat and a shorter “hook” end to “grab” the loose hair which is held in the brush pad rather than left to fly around.

Unlike the MatZapper, these brushes have a more “linear” pin pattern and will produce a smooth and even coat finish.

Available in 2 flex levels, FIRM is a more aggressive undercoat brush and will cut your job in half and SOFT for undercoat removal on softer coats and ideal for sensitive areas of all breeds.


Unlike the CoatGrabber style, the pins on our All-Rounder finish brush designs have a shorter shank and more pronounced hook on the end. 

This helps the brush work more on the outer coat where the finishing needs to focus and will leave the coat with an even and smooth appearance. 

Both these brushes are capable of handling lighter mats and are available in 2 levels of flexibility. FIRM for more the denser coat types and SOFT for silky and softer coated breeds and more sensitive areas of the pet.



Again, our brushes are addressing 3 functions and offer 2 levels of flexibility suited to different coat types.

Each combination of function and coat type is matched to a brush type identified by colour:



All brushes are double-sided and available in either Single width (4.5cm), or Double width (9cm).

We recommend Double width for larger breeds, typically above 20kg, to further speed up the grooming process.



Our DUO Brushes offer 2 of the unique brush types in the one head allowing you to work faster and giving you twice the tool power at a fraction of the cost. 

Once you have finished breaking mats or removing undercoat, simply flip the brush over to finish the coat with the very same brush! More effective, more efficient and MUCH more affordable!

Combinations are limited to matching flex levels of the brush types (Firm or Soft), with 4 DUO combinations currently available. We have included some common “Breed Suggestions” in the product description of each brush.



Follow the directions that come with the brushes.
Proper use and technique will reward you with many years of service.
Use a Light Hand - Allow the flexible brush head to do the work.
Maintain Full Contact – The full pad should be in contact with the coat.
Keep Straight - ALWAYS pull the brush in the direction of the handle (sideways brushing will damage the pins).