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The “ActiVet Brush System” provides an effective solution for all coat types and grooming situations by offering:

- 2 levels of brush head flexibility (Soft and Firm), and
- 3 unique bristle designs to suit all required grooming functions

All ActiVet® brushes feature double-sided heads and are identified by colour to reflect their Function and Flex Level:


Puppy Coats, Short or Soft/Silky Coat – Choose SOFT FLEX (GREEN or GOLD)
Dense, Heavy, Coarse or Wiry coats – Choose FIRM FLEX (PURPLE or SILVER)



For general coat maintenance and brushing out, choose our All Rounder Finishing brushes.

These brushes feature a pronounced hook end to their pins to help the brush work more on the outer coat, where the finishing work needs to focus and are capable of handling lighter mats.

The round-tip pins are set in a “linear” bristle pattern to leave the coat with a smooth and even appearance after brushing. 

Choose either GREEN (Soft Flex) or PURPLE (Firm Flex) based on Coat Type.


To remove undercoat and loose, shedding hair, our CoatGrabber style brushes are the perfect choice.

These pin designs have a longer shank to help penetrate through to the undercoat, and a shorter “hook” end which traps the loose hair in the brush pad rather than let it fly around.

Also, with a “linear” bristle pattern, these brushes will leave a smooth and even finish to the coat like our Finishing Brushes.

Choose from GOLD (Soft Flex) for shorter and softer coated breeds, or SILVER (Firm Flex) for a more “aggressive” undercoat brush that will cut your job in half on dense coats.


Our RED MatZapper is designed for this specific job only.

The Firm Flex head has strong pins set at varying angles that easily penetrate and separate the toughest of mats and tangles with minimal coat loss.

A “must have” tool for every Professional Groomer, this design is so effective it will cut your de-matting time in half, and even allow you to work through some heavily matted coats you may otherwise have had to shave down.


Many breeds have multiple needs to address, especially dogs prone to matting and all Double Coated breeds, where undercoating and finishing are required.

Our DUO BRUSHES offer unique combinations of 2 brush types (with matching flex levels), on alternate sides of the brush.

Once you have finished breaking mats or undercoating, simply flip the brush over to finish the coat with the very same brush. More effective, more efficient and MUCH more affordable!


SINGLE (4.5cm): For smaller breeds and work around tighter areas of the pet.
DOUBLE (9cm): For larger breeds, typically above 20kg, to further speed up the grooming process. 


As a guide, we have included some common Breed Suggestions in the Product Description page of each brush. These suggestions are based on feedback from the manufacturer and also our own customers, breeders and groomers.

When considering Breed Suggestions, also understand that many breeds have dual grooming demands (for example, removing mats or undercoat, then finishing) so may be listed under more than one brush type, including our popular, cost-effective, DUO Range.


Follow the directions that come with the brushes and your proper use and technique will reward you with many years of service.


  • Allow the flexible brush head to do the work for you.
  • Do NOT push down with force or damage to the handle or pins may occur.
  • The full pad should be in contact with the coat.


  • ALWAYS pull the brush in the direction of the handle (sideways brushing WILL damage the pins).