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ActiVet Brushes

With the perfect brush for every coat, and producing outstanding results in HALF the brushing time, it’s clear why ActiVet® is the number one choice of Pet Owners and Professional Groomers worldwide!

DUO Purple/Silver (TuffFinish-Coater)
  • Pet Approved

    Flexible Head design is more gentle on the pet, while Rounded Tips on the pins protect the skin and reduce damage to the coat

  • Save Time

    Unique bristle designs and the flexible double-sided head work together to produce outstanding results in HALF the time

  • Unmatched Quality

    German construction with high quality, durable, waterproof materials guarantee superior performance and longevity

  • Double the Value

    Our exclusive DUO brushes provide 2 different brush types in the one tool to save you both time and money


"Love These Brushes"

"We have a grooming business and have heard other groomers recommend these brushes so we thought we would give them a go.

Absolutely love them!!! A lot of our clients have dogs with double coats and these certainly cut down brushing time.

We were pleasantly surprised at the amount of undercoat and loose hair you get out with this brush and the finish on the coat.

Can’t recommend them enough" - Karen & Diane

"Riley has never been so happy - and neither have I"

"Never expected this brush to be as good as it is.
Our longhair German Shepherd is very active and it used to take plenty of work to deal with her shedding and mats.

Not anymore!
This brush does the job with ease and is easily the best thing we have ever bought" - Phil

"Best grooming brush on the market!"

“Purchased this brush last week and it’s the best brush I’ve ever used!!
I’ve tried many grooming brushes over the years, plus spend thousands on professional groomers then discovered this brush.
OMG WOW!! It’s worth every cent.
It’s quick and easy on my Labrador, she actually lets me brush her now without snapping at the brush & the Labradoodle looks like she’s fluffed up knot free like what professional groomers actually do.
Don’t waste time and $$ on crap products, buy one of these and be amazed.
Thanks for making our pet care easy" - Carla

ActiVet Brushes

 “My Silcoater Duo brush arrived...what a game changer for me! I have a wrist joint issue, and this is the first time I could brush out my girls without feeling fatigue.

I'm so thrilled I now have this brush!!!

Darla Bean (one of my Cavaliers) says thank you too. It cut brushing time way down!

Wish I'd found your company sooner, thank you again for a GREAT product!!” - Carolyn

"Love, Love, LOVE this brush!"

"We have a Goldendoodle who often suffered from mats, but not now!!!
Our dog groomer recommended your brushes to us and we’ve barely had a single mat since we started using it.
This purple brush is strong enough to do a great job, and quickly, but still seems gentle on the dog.

I think Molly loves it as much as us :)" - Brooke

"Shedding for summer!!!!"

Thank you Groomer Select for your amazing service and your ActiVet Brushes....

Best brush yet!!

Loki is loving it!!!"

- Binkyandloki

  • Start to LOVE "Snow Season"

    Nothing matches the undercoating ability of our Silver Undercoater brushes - Available in the PRO Silver option, or our Red/Silver and Purple/Silver DUO brushes.

  • Soft 'n' Fluffy

    Soft coats love our Soft-Flex brush heads - PRO Green is definitely our "Dogs Favourite" brush!

  • "Where did that come from?"

    We always wonder what they think.

    One thing we know for sure is, your dog will be as amazed as you at how easily ActiVet brushes handle mats and remove heavy undercoats in no time at all.

Some Popular Choices

  • ActiVet "SilCoater"

    The perferct choice for ALL puppies!

    The ActiVet "SilCoater" combines a soft-flex head with rounded tip pins to ensure a positive and gentle introduction to grooming.

    Suitable for puppies of all breeds, the "SilCoater" is also the ideal brush for all softer-coated breeds.

  • ActiVet "TuffZapper-Coater"

    Our most popular brush, and a clear favourite for all Schnauzer & Groodle and Doodle owners!

    This Firm Flex brush combines our PRO PURPLE All Round brush and the RED Mat Zapper to handle the toughest of mats and heaviest of coats with ease.

    Regularly saves you up to 50% brushing time!

  • ActiVet PRO Green

    The PRO Green is our Soft Flex “All Round” brush, still gentle enough for younger dogs, and ideal for regular grooming of all softer coated breeds.

    Perfect for breeds including Bichons, Maltese, Pekinese, Pomeranians and Poodles

    One of our all-time favourites regularly saving up to 50% brushing time!

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