ActiVet Brushes

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The "ActiVet Brush System"

The original ActiVet® Brush, the World’s First ever “flexible head” brush design, was introduced in 1998 and remains the industry benchmark for performance and quality today.

Always the innovators, ActiVet® have continued to develop their range, which feature a variety of unique pin designs and different levels of brush flexibility, known as the “ActiVet® Brush System”. 

The Perfect brush for Every breed and grooming situation.

ActiVac "Active Shedder"

Tired of shed hair everywhere?

Brilliant around the home or salon, the ActiVac "Active Shedder" simply attaches to your vacuum and quickly removes and disposes of shed hair from your pets, clothes and upholstery!

A "must have" around your home and salon!

ActiVet Brushes

With the perfect brush for every coat, and producing outstanding results in HALF the brushing time, it’s clear why ActiVet® is the number one choice of Pet Owners and Professional Groomers worldwide!

DUO Purple/Silver (Tuff-Finish Coater)
  • Pet Approved

    Flexible Head design is more gentle on the pet, while Rounded Tips on the pins protect the skin and reduce damage to the coat

  • Save Time

    Unique bristle designs and the flexible double-sided head work together to produce outstanding results in HALF the time

  • Unmatched Quality

    German construction with high quality, durable, waterproof materials guarantee superior performance and longevity

  • Double the Value

    Our exclusive DUO brushes provide 2 different brush types in the one tool to save you both time and money

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