ActiVet Brushes Australia

Groomer Select is the Exclusive Australian Distributor of the World Renowned ActiVet® “Active Brush” System. Manufactured in Germany since 1998, the Original ActiVet® “Active-Head” brush is regarded as the very best grooming brush in the world!

Created for the Professional Groomer, the ActiVet® “Active Brush” system has been systematically designed to ensure you have the perfect brush for every breed and grooming situation you face.

With outstanding results achieved in up to 70% less brushing time, your investment in the ActiVet® “Active-Brush” system may be the best business decision you ever make!

Order yours today and find out why the ActiVet® “Active Brush” System is the number one choice of Professional Groomers worldwide!

About Groomer Select

Groomer Select is an Australian supplier of specialist products for Professional Pet Groomers.

Our aim is “to contribute to the business success of our customers by delivering products that will not only save them time and money, but enhance their business reputation by improving the grooming results they achieve”.

To ensure this, our commitment is “to select and supply only the very best products of their type and to develop a reputation for quality, trust and reliability to the point our customers consider us a valuable part of their business”.

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