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DUO Green/Gold (SilCoater)

DUO Green/Gold (SilCoater)

DUO Green/Gold (SilCoater)


The SilCoater

Soft Flex combination of our PRO GREEN All Round brush and PRO GOLD CoatGrabber.

Gentle, soft-flex action makes this our “dog’s favourite” and provides a brilliant “introduction to grooming” for younger dogs of all breeds.

GOLD side is perfect for light undercoat removal and fine finishing on softer coated breeds, while GREEN is our ultimate soft all-round maintenance brush.

Regularly saves you up to 50% brushing time!

Common Breed Suggestions

All puppies and young dogs
Bichon Frise
Cav. King Charles Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel
Coton de Tulear

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Eric S.
Love Activet brushes!

Love ActiVet brushes! They do wonderful on dogs with thick double coats that shed heavily. I'm a customer from the USA and they are very hard to find. Very happy Groom Select carries and ships to the USA.

Best 'oodle' brush out there!

We have two poodle cross dogs (oodles!), and this brush is the best thing I have used. It gets through both fleece and wool coats easily and it's a breeze to brush right down to the skin and ensure no matting. And the dogs are so fluffy and soft afterwards!

We started with the smaller size when we got our first puppy 6 years ago and upgraded to the larger size this year just to make brushing a bit quicker, though the small size is still as good as it was the day we got it. I would 100% recommend this brush :)

Lisa Dolan
Fantastic brush

I’ve bought many brushes over the years but this is the best by far! I have a cavoodle with thick hair and this just glides through and she comes up all soft and fluffy. My fur baby loves it too! Great quality and good value for money.

Best brush I've ever had!!

My dog is a maltese shih tzu and he's always hated getting brushed, until now! He will now come running when the brush comes out. It's so easy to use, particularly around the face which is the hardest to keep clean. His fur has never been softer and fluffier - highly recommend!

What a game changer!

I have a wrist joint issue, and this is the first time I could brush out my girls without feeling fatigue. I'm so thrilled I now have this brush!!!

Darla Bean (one of my Cavaliers) says thank you too. It cut brushing time way down!

Wish I'd found your company sooner, thank you again for such a GREAT product!!