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ActiVet PRO Pack

$220.00 $330.00 saving $110.00
ActiVet PRO Pack

ActiVet PRO Pack

$220.00 $330.00 saving $110.00

Huge Savings!!!

Perfect for the Professional Groomer, our PRO Pack gives you EVERY brush option across the "ActiVet Brush System" to ensure you will have the right brush to suit every coat type.

Complete with our 3-brush Wall Rack, your tools will always be safely stored and close at hand.

PRO Pack 3 Includes:

1 x 3-brush Wall Rack
1 x ActiVet DUO Green/Gold SilCoater 
1 x Activet DUO Purple/Red Tuff-Zapper Coater
1 x ActiVet PRO Silver Firm CoatGrabber

Pack available in Single or Double Width brush options.

NOTE: Further Trade Discounts do not apply.