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"The Shampoo" by Sasha Riess (500ml)

"The Shampoo" by Sasha Riess (500ml)

"The Shampoo" by Sasha Riess (500ml)


The Perfect Formula

Now Patented and unable to be replicated anywhere in the World!

The finest natural ingredients (Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Lavender) are blended with the purest, mineral-rich water only Nature can create, to produce this gentle cleansing formula, proven 7.5 times more effective than other leading brands.


  • NATURAL, plant-based ingredients
  • NO Parabens, Allergens or artificial thickeners
  • GENTLE enough for everyday use
  • TEARLESS, PUPPY FRIENDLY and suitable for SENSITIVE skin
  • Designed to suit ALL COAT TYPES
  • NATURALLY WHITENING for white coats and BRIGHTENING for other colours
  • FOAMS well, RINSES easily and DRIES fast
  • ANTI-STATIC formula for easy combing

Simply the best possible skin and coat care for your best friend!

“The Shampoo” and “The Conditioner”, when used together, gently and thoroughly clean the hair, then perfectly fill the hair cuticles with natural fats to provide extraordinary rehydration, to bring both the skin and coat to their best possible natural condition.

“The Shampoo” and “The Conditioner” rinse out effortlessly thanks to our fast drying, anti-static formulas. The final result leaving your pet with a shiny and rich coat and healthy, nourished skin with a touch of natural lavender fragrance.



  • Apply “The Shampoo” to damp hair, then massage in well.
  • Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  • To achieve maximum results, repeat this process and follow up by using “The Conditioner”.
  • After cleaning the coat with “The Shampoo”, apply “The Conditioner” and massage in well.
  • Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water, then dry.

Note: Both “The Shampoo” and “The Conditioner” may be DILUTED with lukewarm water at up to 20:1 ratio (according to degree of dirtiness and coat type).

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