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About Sasha

With almost 30 years’ experience as a professional groomer and show dog handler (winning more than 800 championship titles), it is easy to understand why Sasha Riess is one of the most sought-after teachers and motivational speakers in the industry today.

Today, driven by his passion for dogs and our relationship with them, Sasha’s focus is on “grooming your dog to suit your lifestyle”, a philosophy he teaches and shares with his 30,000 plus social media followers.

In Search of the Perfect Formula

Sasha’s desire to always do what is best for the dog led him on a path to discover the best possible coat care products he could find.

During his research Sasha was surprised to learn that, although they are visually different, the composition of ALL dog coats is almost 100% identical and, with this knowledge, he decided to create a product that would provide the best possible coat and skin care for ALL coat types.

Natural Ingredients

Only all natural, plant-based, ingredients were considered, and three products were eventually chosen for their superior abilities to cleanse, repair and rehydrate the coat and skin of the pet.

Aloe Vera
Rehydrating and moisturising; antioxidant and vitamin (A&C) rich with natural anti-inflammatory qualities.
Rich in vitamins (E & B-complex) to help heal and repair skin and coat damage; increases rehydration of the skin; enhances coat shine and promotes a thick and full coat.
Soothing and natural anti-inflammatory properties; pleasing scent.

You are Right!

Sasha is certainly not the first, nor will he be that last, to choose these ingredients, which are well-known and highly regarded due the benefits they provide.

The question for Sasha now was “How could he INCREASE the level of performance and benefits these ingredients could provide?”

And the Difference was Found in the Water

Growing up in Serbia, Sasha was aware of the history of the Pannonian Sea. Once covering much of Europe, the Pannonian Sea has now reduced to a shallow basin, famous for its thermo-mineral water.

There is an abundant supply of this valuable, natural resource, which is drawn from underground aquifers, deep beneath the layers of rock that act as a “natural filter”, maintain its temperature, and protect it from the air and other pollutants.

The high temperature and elevated mineral levels of this water are widely recognised for their significant healing and anti-inflammatory values and, today, there are many health spas operating in the area using this water and promoting its health benefits.

Knowing this, Sasha was eager to test how these waters would benefit our pets.

The result?

There was a significant increase in ability of the pet’s coat to absorb the natural benefits of his other selected ingredients.

So significant, that Sasha’s formula was tested and proven to be 7.5 times more effective than other leading brands. This was it …. The Perfect Formula!

Now Patented and unable to be replicated anywhere in the World!

A Perfect Match

“The Shampoo” and “The Conditioner”, when used together, gently and thoroughly clean the hair, then perfectly fill the hair cuticles with natural fats providing extraordinary coat rehydration and bringing the skin and the coat to their best possible natural condition.


 Simply the best possible skin and coat care for your best friend!


  • NATURAL, plant-based ingredients
  • NO Parabens, Allergens or artificial thickeners
  • GENTLE enough for everyday use
  • TEARLESS, PUPPY FRIENDLY and suitable for SENSITIVE skin
  • Designed to suit ALL COAT TYPES
  • NATURALLY WHITENING for white coats and BRIGHTENING for other colours
  • FOAMS well, RINSES easily and DRIES fast
  • ANTI-STATIC formula for easy combing